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Name: Allison. You can call me Ally or even just [ profile] jediknightmuse. A lot of my online friends still think of me as Danny (...Danni, really, but when I made the name up I thought it was spelled as Danny)/Danielle, which is a fake name that I used until quite a few years ago online).
Age: Twenty-six.
Birthday: February 14th, 1986.
Family: Mother, father, older sister.
Mother's girlfriend, her two sons
Father's fiance. I don't really include her two sons as family, but eventually I guess they will be.

Fandoms/interests/favorites: Star Wars. Firefly. Supernatural. Wicked. Castle. Merlin. The Hunger Games. Glee. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Writing. Role playing. Cats. Horses. Dogs. Irish Setters. Fantasy. Fantasy writing. J.K. Rowling. Books. Reading. Jared Padalecki. Jensen Ackles. Nathan Fillion. David Cook. Harrison Ford. Disney movies. The Little Mermaid. Beauty and the Beast. Aladdin. The Phantom of the Opera. RENT.

Role play: I've been role playing since 1999. I started with Star Wars and have gone back and forth between that and original fantasy. I currently run a Star Wars message board role play that's been open since April 28th, 2011.

Music: David Cook and soundtrack music.

Contact info/links of note:
AIM: JedixKnightxMuse or AWritersFantasy
MSN: (don't bother e-mailing me there 'cause I won't answer it, most likely).
E-mail address:
Writing: I post my writing in a friends only community at [ profile] jediscribbles. You're free to join the community if you wish to read my writing.
NaNoWriMo: Jedi Knight Muse
Camp NaNoWriMo: Jedi Knight Muse
Goodreads: Jedi Knight Muse
Figment: Jedi Knight Muse
Twitter: Jedi Knight Muse
Please note that I don't really even USE my Twitter.
Current role play(s): Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow (website)
Graphics: [ profile] jedigraphics
I haven't posted anything in a long time, and of course my Photoshop is having issues >.>.

The Rules of my LJ

1. Absolutely no drama, at least none that you're starting on purpose. I deal with this enough in my own house, between my real life friends, whatever. I do NOT need to be dealing with it in my own LJ. If you do not agree with me about something, fine. But tell me so in a nice way, and I'll try to shrug it off, or don't tell me at all.

2. Do not insult myself or my friends. I am very loyal to my friends, and I am sure that as you read my entries you will find this out. Friends are very important to me. If you try starting shit with them, you are starting shit with me as well. You don't agree with them about something? Fine. Tell them politely.

3. When it comes to commenting, I'm not going to spaz out on you if you don't comment on every single one of my entries. I certainly don't comment on every entry my friends make, so I don't expect the same thing from them. However, if I find that you hardly ever comment, do not be surprised if you eventually end up being taken off of my list. All you have to do is ask to be readded in this entry only if you feel like you'll comment more and I'll consider adding you again. In return, I don't expect you to try and bitch me out for not responding to your posts. If I don't respond, I probably don't think anything I could say will be very helpful.

4. Friend me if you find that we have something in common, you find something about me interesting, whatever. Do not just randomly add me for the sake of adding me and having a lack of friends.

Things you'll find me talking about in my LJ

My posts will be about anything, really. I'm private about some things and choose to leave those out, but generally I'll write about specific things that would be considered private, such as how my day at work or school goes.

Things I'll probably post about:
-Fandoms: anywhere between randomly talking about Star Wars, perhaps something I've noticed about it, to talking about a book I'm reading or a movie I've watched either for the first or millionth time.
-Writing: any sort of accomplishments I have when it comes to writing. If I finish a chapter, I'll tell you. If I make it past a word amount goal I've set, I'll tell you.
-Communities: from time to time you'll find me promoting communities off to you. I tend to make a lot of communities, as you may have seen above, so you'll probably find me posting about them and trying to get members, or just writing about things I need to do for them, or whatever.
-Graphics: cross posting to my community, [ profile] jedigraphics, when I make graphics.
-Friends and family: Friends and family are very important to me, and I will talk about things that involve them and I feel I can talk about.

There's probably more, but those are the main things. Any non-friended posts will probably be specific to something about role playing, such as looking for someone to role play with or something. At some point I will set up filters for all of these things and I'll make a poll where you'll vote and tell me what filters you wish to be included in. I plan on doing this because there are so many things I post about that you may not want to hear about.

When you want to friend me, please consider the following:

-Whether or not we have things in common
-Whether or not you plan on commenting
-My rules and whether or not you'll follow them or find that they're too much to ask (though I definitely believe they aren't too much)

Once you've considered those things, feel free to comment to be added, and tell me why you want to be added. How did you find my LJ? What made you want to add me?

I guess that's it. Welcome to my LJ!

Longer version of info about me. Highly recommended to read.

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Credit to [ profile] creativeelf.

All three David Cook animations (third one is in my profile) credit to [ profile] yiddidea_icons.

Post last updated on May 22nd, 2012.

Note: as of April 28th, 2010, there are a number of entries that have been privatized from both before and after this entry.
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